Anarchist Libraries | How to create a new library

How to create a new library

Send a mail to to make contact, if not already done. You can also use IRC if you prefer.

You first need to translate the software that the library runs, if not already done. The traslation step also serves as a proof that you are serious about the new site.

  1. Install Poedit.

  2. Go to and download the latest. Unpack the archive and find the .po file with your language code in the lib/AmuseWikiFarm/I18N directory.

  3. Open the .po file with Poedit. Add the translations. Please preserve the %1, %2, in the message. They are placeholders for dynamic content. Save (of course). Send the .po file to marco (at) anarhija (dot) net.

    Please note: you don't have to translate everything. If something doesn't make any sense to you, leave it alone. Some things are admin-only. Be sure to translate the most obvious ones, though.

  4. Provide some typographical rules for the target language. You need to describe some things as the use of quotes («», “” or others), use of em dash (), etc. For quotation marks, maybe it will useful to take a look at Wikipedia. More details will be given once you do the previous steps.

  5. Provide a logo, 300x80 pixels, to be used in the header, and a square image 300x300, to be embeeded in the PDFs.

  6. Uploading texts is different than uploading PDFs. The interface provides you a way to copy/paste the texts from HTML and Word documents and adapt it using the markup language muse, which is very easy to learn. Contextual help and an extensive manual is provided.

  7. Buy a domain. It's very cheap (around 10-15 EUR yearly) and guarantees that you decide what to do with your site, without asking anyone. In the meanwhile, you can have a subdomain of

Once the library is setup, you are going to be pinged only occasionally and if needed.

Please write to the mailing list if you encounter problems or bugs.

Depending on your tech skills, you may want to take a look at